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Welcome to Horsequality Sweden AB and me, Maria Bucht, a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique that combines the Alexander Technique with the approach of Science of Motion to riding.

I will let Caresa present the work I do and in what way it helped her. If you want to learn more about the possibility to work with me I’m just an e-mail away.

The letter

I really do not know how to thank you for the past few days – I feel privileged to have been in your company and to learn from you.

I have always wanted to learn to ride and when I started almost two years ago at the age of 40, it was a daunting experience.

I had a few falls that really made me question my ability to ever be able to ride well and I made unfortunate choices choosing teachers.

Luckily I am now surrounded by wonderful and very supportive people and I have decided that I will and can not give up my dream to learn to ride – it simly gives me too much pleasure even just to be on a horse’s back; but I must admit that just even a week ago, I was not certain at all of how exactly I was going to achieve this.

The things I have learned from you in the last few days are countless and I can not thank you enough for every single one of them,

Firstly and very importantly I have learned that it is okay to be scared but not let my, very human fear, ever hold me back from the one thing I have always wanted all my life.

I have learned not to judge myself or anyone else so harshly and to listen more to what my horses are trying to tell me in the way they move.

I have learned to not get so caught up in me and my horses doing everything correct or perfectly but to do things better or worse.

I have learned to do much less and keep checking myself but also not to forget to check and listen to the horse.

I have learned that I must be more aware of what my horses legs are doing; I have never ever given it a second thought.

I have learned that horses are so much more sensitive than I have ever imagined and to understand how important lightness is to connect with my horses on every level and so doing to establish a touch between us.

I have learned to pay more attention to what I am actually noticing in myself as well as my horses. To see it, experience it and question it, always and continously.

I have learned that my own head as well as my horse’s head is very heavy and to always be conscious of its implications of it in the wrong position for myself and my horse.

I have learned to be very careful and aware of what my hands are doing and how I position them as it can have a devastating effect on my horse.

I have learned how to use my muscle tone/core to alter my own posture and also using it to create contact and communication between myself and my horse.

I have learned that we only learn by reflecting on the experience that we have. To have a plan, always, to consider it and change it if needed in order to achieve the desired reults.

I have learned so may more things but these were only a few that really stood out for me.

Above this all, you have given me the hope that I can ride my horse Purple again myself after I almost given up the hope that it was possible for me to be confident on him. I love him so much but thought that I just never would be able to be calm on him again. Over the past weekend I felt calm again and have established a new way of touch and communication between us – a new trust and I can not thank you enough.

And with my other horse Pie boy, I now have a plan to help him with his body issues and I am so thankful to you for that – he is my first horse, my gentle gigant and I have felt so powerless to help
him, but I now know how to better listen to him and feel that I am so much more equipped to help and support him on the road forward.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for educating and empowering me on my journey to become a better, more sensitive, kind and effective horse rider and for cultivating a new silent
confidence in me and my horses.

Thank you for giving me a foundation to work from and a plan to start from. You will never know just how much this three day clinic has ment to me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kindest regards
Caresa Combe
Canterburg, South Africa

17 February 2018

Brev från Caresa